Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

It is a tragic fact that, unfortunately, many individuals commit suicide each year. While it is true that the majority of suicides are by those who have recently been in stressful situations, there are also those who take their own lives due to mental illness, substance abuse or depression. Suicide is a form of self-harm that ultimately has more emotional and psychological impact than the actual act itself. If you’re unfamiliar with why someone would decide to end their life, the information below will help you understand more about this common problem.

When a person is depressed or has deep anxiety and thoughts of suicide it is considered a clinical condition known as clinical depression. Many individuals consider suicide as a way to alleviate their pain and suffering when they cannot think of another solution to their difficulties. At times suicide is linked to major life stress, major depression, or drug or alcohol abuse. By learning the early warning signs of suicide you could potentially save a life.

The number one cause of death among teenagers and children is suicide. While teenagers are generally thought of as a risk group for suicide, young children at young ages are at greater risk than most adults. Young children, adolescents, and adults have higher suicide rates than other age groups. There are times greater reasons that people commit suicide and sometimes the reasons are related to stressors in life. In some instances the circumstances surrounding a suicide can be determined and prevented.

Depression and anxiety can negatively affect a person’s ability to make wise decisions. In some instances, suicide can be linked to other mental health issues such as depression and other mood disorders. As a child or teen, if you have experienced bullying at school or within your community, or if you’ve gone through difficult times, it is important to seek treatment to prevent suicide from occurring or happening again. Early intervention can go a long way toward preventing the occurrence of depression and other mental health disorders.

There are several warning signs or reasons why people commit suicide. It’s important to note that not every case is caused by a diagnosable mental health disorder. Often, the causes are more emotional or psychological in nature. These warning signs should never be ignored. Those suffering from depression or anxiety should seek help at the first signs of trouble. suicide is an irreversible action.

One common method of suicide prevention is to develop healthy relationships. Developing and maintaining healthy relationships are important in a person’s overall development and happiness. This is important for everyone including teenagers, children, adolescents, adults, and couples. In addition, it prevents loneliness and isolation that are associated with suicide. If you feel depressed or anxious it’s important to reach out for help. Talking to a loved one or close friend, is a good place to begin.


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