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More Evidence that Sex Could Be Good For Your Brain

People have different views regarding the link between sexual activity and the brain. However, engaging in frequent sex can benefit the brain in many ways. Generally, people that engage in sex frequently experience better brain function. This translates to beneficial influence on other body parts. Researchers have been conducting studies on how sex benefits the brain for very many years.

Here is the evidence that suggest by las vegas escorts that sex could be good for your brain:


A study conducted on male rats in 2010 unearthed a connection between sex and growth of neuron. During the study, rats were allowed to have sex on a daily basis over a period of two weeks. Within that period, researchers discovered that rats that had sex daily experienced an increased neuron growth than rats that engaged in sexual activity once.


A research conducted on male rats in 2013 established that rats that were allowed to engage in daily sex not only experienced increased neuron growth but also had better cognitive function.


In 2016, a study was conducted on about 7,000 adults whose age ranged between 50 and 89 years. The study was aimed at examining how sexual practices of the subjects affected their performance on various sequencing and word recall roles. Sequencing tasks are aimed at measuring executive aspects like problem solving. Word recall tasks on the other hand are aimed at measuring the ability of individuals to memorize things.

The study found that both men and women that had been involved in sexual activity within the past year scored high points on word recall tasks. What’s more, sexual activity in men showed the potential to enhance performance in most sequencing roles.


A study was conducted in 2017 and it explored the link between sex and performance on a common memory test. It involved 78 heterosexual women in the ages of 18 to 29 years. Researchers controlled factors like the phase of menstrual cycle, grade point average, length of relationships, and use of oral contraceptives. They wanted to find out whether the frequency of the women’s sexual activities was linked to memory. The finding was that women that indulged in sex more frequently performed better in recall of abstract phrases.


Another study conducted in 2018 involved 6,000 adults of 50 years and above. It was aimed at establishing a link between sexual frequency and performance on two memory tasks that were delivered two years apart. The study established that more frequent sexual activity led to better performance on memory tests. It also revealed that emotional connection during sex led to better performance.

From these studies, it is evident that sex could be good for your brain. Nevertheless, researchers are conducting more studies to find out more.

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